This page describes how to set up Lightburn to use the Laser4DIY device.

It is assumed that the XY table is controlled by an Nuclo board running Grbl Advanced, as decribed here and that Grbl is configured as explained on this page.

Adding the Grbl device to Lightburn

Lightburn features a Device Discovery Wizard which is the easiest way to add a new device. It can be started by clicking 'Find My Laser" on the Devices page.

The wizard is decribed at

  • Connect the Laser4DIY device to your computer using an USB cable
  • Switch on the Laser4DIY device
  • Note: The computer will be able to talk to the Grbl controller, even without Laser4DIY being switched on, but the XY table won't move.
  • Run the Device Discovery Wizard
  • The Laser4DIY device should be listed as a Grbl controller
  • Select it and press the "Add Laser" button

Device Settings

After Laser4DIY was added to Lightburn, open the device settings (Edit → Device Settings) and make sure all settings are correct.

They should match the following settings. Correct them if needed.

Additional Config

In order for Grbl to report the correct tool head position to Lightburn, run the following GCode:

G10 L2 P1 X0 Y-160

This can be done in the Console tab of Lightburn.

This setting relies on the $10=0 setting, as included in the list at Configuring GRBL Advanced. For more details on how this works see the Lightburn guide.

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