Project Overview


The software FLMScan for prototype 2 is based on the FLMScan software of prototype 1.

The following improvements are planned for prototype 2 of FLMScan software:

  • Calibration functionality
  • Installer
  • Improved user interface
  • Rotating plate control via serial interface
  • Export of bitmaps
  • Preview functionality
  • Support of German and English language


Three electronics subprojects are planned for prototype 2:

  • Electronics for calibration ("calibration board")
  • Electronics for housing (switch-key, power supply light/laser)
  • Electronics for rotating plate control (PCB)


Several mechanics subprojects are planned for prototype 2:


Documentation of software, electronics and mechanics is planned for prototype 2.

Documentation subprojects are:

  • Documentation of whole 3D scanner project in FabLab Munich Wiki
  • Documentation of FLMScan software
  • Documentation of elektronics (including part list and circuits)
  • Documentation of mechanics (including vector graphics for lasercuts, 3D models for 3D prints, as well as mounting instructions)
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