21.01.2012 - FLMScan Prototyp 2, Preview 1 available

The first preview of FLMScan Prototype 2 is available for download on CodePlex.

Currently not all planned Prototype 2 functionality is integrated yet.

Anyway: the first preview gives a first impression about the look and feel of the upcoming FLMScan version.

First bitmap export tests to Autodesk 123D Catch were very promising.

27.08.2011 - First Draft of webcam- and laser-mountsLaserhalterung

Robert has just finalized a first draft of the webcam- and laser mount.

The idea was to design the acrylic parts is a way that they can easily plugged together without using glue.
For the first lasercut some rework hat to be done - so there is still room for improvement.

22.08.2011 - New designs for rotating plate mechanics

At today's FabLab member meeting, Mario and Riccardo presented their designs for rotating plate mechanics.

Mario's design is based on parts which were created using the lasercutter.

Riccardo's design is based on recycled rotating plate mechanics which was extended by a housing which
was created using a 3d printer.

05.04.2011 - The lasercutter arrived!

Since the lasercutter finally arrived, work on mechanics for prototype 2 can start off:

We need: mounts for laser and webcam, rotating plate with gear and calibration board.

Spring 2011 - Planning of Prototype 2

For prototype 1, only the basic software and hardware components were created.

For prototype 2, the missing parts should be created and the incomplete parts should be completed.

19.12.2010 - Checkin of Sources for Prototype 1

FLMScan software for prototypr 1 consisted of all basic functionality, required for 3d scanning:

  • Capturing of webcam images
  • Filtering of laser points
  • Calculation of 3d coordinates from 2d pixels
  • Export in PLY file format
  • Control of Arduino microcontroller, used for stepper motor driven rotating plate

Prototype 1 contains no calibration functionalit yet. I.e. positions of webcam, rotation axis and laser plane had to be measured by hand.

07.09.2010 - Checkin of first FLMScan prototype source code in codeplex

A first UI prototype of FLMScan Software is available now.

Some time in year 2010 - Birth of project "FabLab Munich 3D Scanner"

Some members of the FabLab Munich decided to launch project "FabLab Munich 3D Scanner".

The project was based on the term paper of a computer science student about 3D laser scanning technology.

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