The mounts for webcam and line laser for prototype 1 were made of styrofoam. This was sufficient for initial testing.

For prototype 2, we'd like to publish instructions for reproducing the mounts for webcam and line laser.

The mounts are designed to support the following hardware:

  • DAVID line laser LC650-5-5-F(14x45)-NT
  • Logitech webcam C600

Design Idea

The following ideas inspired the design of the mounts:

  • Assembly by sticking/screwing together all parts
  • Base platform that allows replacement of laser- and webcam-mount
  • Fixed webcam mount
  • Rotatable laser mount with a little tolerance for first adjustment of laser line

Part List

  • Acrylic parts for mounts (lasercuts)
  • 6 screws, M2, 10 mm
  • Optional: Acrylic glue


  • Lassercutting of acrylic parts
  • Preliminary work: remove Logitech webcam from original pedestal (detach by lifting webcam)
  • Assembly of acrylic parts by sticking/screwing them together
  • If required: glue acrylic parts in case of too much tolerance in acrylic parts

First test lasercut of mounts using cardboard

Second lasercut using acrylic material

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