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QtyPart NamePart LinkComments
28mm Metric Acme Lead Screw
2Anti-Backlash Nut Block for 8mm Metric Acme Lead ratrig.comSKU 1055; set includes M5 lock nuts
4V-Slot 20x20mm
8Xtreme Solid V Wheel ratrig.comSKU 465
4Aluminum Spacers - ratrig.comSKU 90
4Eccentric Spacer - ratrig.comSKU 226
4Ball Bearing 688Z ratrig.comSKU 780
48mm Shim (12x8x1mm)  ratrig.comSKU 835
4Lock Collar - ratrig.comSKU 840
5V-Slot T-Nut
4M5 x 20mm Low Profile 750-pack
8M5 x 22mm Low Profile Screwaliexpress.comfor mounting wheels
8M5 Nut Low ratrig.comSKU 181; for mounting wheels
11M3 x 8mm Button Head Screw

4M3 x 5mm Button Head Screw
For screwing SledPlate to BedPlate
10M3 Nut

6M2 x 6mm Screw

4M2 x 10mm Screw

10M2 Nut

2M2 Washer

8Self Tapping Screw ratrig.comSKU 720
3Hex Standoff M3 (female/male) 30mm
For mounting one of the stepper motors
2NEMA 17 Stepper Motor Use pancake motor to save space
2GT2 pulley 20 5mm
2GT2 pulley 20 8mm 
1GT2 timing belt 6 mm closed loop 128 mm
1GT2 timing belt 6 mm closed loop 250 mm
2Micro Switch
Panasonic AV32143AT or similar