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Cable connecting induction module with copper pipe gets hot (right cable only). Bad connection, need something better

2021-09-08 Repairs and replacements done

SSR was not sized appropriately for the device current and had a strong tendency to release magic smoke, so it was replaced by a MOSFET and accompanying driver (IRFP064N and MC34151P).
The MOSFET sits on a heat sink, which is at drain potential! Do not ground the heat sink, or electrically connect it to anything else.

To avoid issues with the burden voltage across the power meter shunt the electronics were rewired. Now the power meter is connected directly with the power supply, and everything else in the circuit (voltage regulators, PID controller and of course the induction heater itself) is connected to the power meter.

2021-09-09 Successful sintering

  • 1350 °C target temperature
  • low vacuum at 4*10⁻² mbar, no process gas
  • PolyMIM 17-4PH feedstock, 3D Print (Bottle opener), debindered as per datasheet
  • Part covered in sand-blasting media
  • Heating cycle
    • T+0 min: Start: 25°C, heated up to 600 °C and held, 4*10⁻² mbar
    • T+60 min:  heated up to 1350 °C, vacuum unchanged
    • T+120 min: Switched heating off
    • T+150 min: Switched vacuum pump off and opened chamber at ~200 °C