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ItemAmountDescriptionSource of supplyComment
Extruder Screw1extruder screwcustom part, steel, drawing/parameters
Extruder Block / Kühlblock1holds barrel; integrated water coolingcustom part, steel, drawing
Extruder Barrel / Schneckenzylinder1screws into extruder blockcustom part, steel, drawing
Nozzle1standard 3D printer nozzle, type E3D V6 1.75mm; optionally hardenede.g.
NEMA 23 Stepper Motor with gear box1see notes below

Shaft Coupler1rigid shaft coupler 10mm to 12mm, D=max30, L=40e.g.
do not use flexible couplers, they cannot take vertical load
Heating Element1230V heater spiral, ID=15mm, h=40mme.g. around barrel
Metal Cage1several laser cut aluminum partscustom parts, aluminums 3mm, see laser-cutting folder on github
Pellet Inlet1
custom part, PLA, 3d printed, see 3d-printing folder on github
Pellet Tank1
custom part, PLA, 3d printed, see 3d-printing folder on github
Temperature Sensor1standard thermistor for use with 3d printer controller board (e.g. 100K NTC)


or thermocouple integrated in above heater element, then use this temperature controller (not compatible with typical 3d printer hardware):

M5 x 1204steel screw