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Seminar and Demonstration

As a seminar providing an overview of the 3D printing, we expect participants from a variety of backgrounds and a wide array of interests.  The intent of the seminar is to generate discussion from multiple perspectives from the participants in order to gain insight into how these technologies are and can be relevant and applicable.

For those not familiar with the maker-scene: you will be introduced to the facilities at FabLab Munich, one of the most accessible maker-spaces in Munich.  

The seminar will be held in English or in German (varies according to instructor)

Target Audiance

For everyone interested in 3D printing wanting to get an overview of the topic, looking to participate in the maker-scene.

The focus will be the talk and discussion on the general topic of 3D printing.  Those interested primarily on hands-on involvement will find useful information from this seminar, but will find the course “3D-Druck Kickoff - Alles was Du wissen musst für Happy Printing” more suitable.



You can find upcoming dates in our program.

The length of the seminar is about 2 hours.

Überblick über 3D-Druck-Technologien, deren Anwendungsfelder und Perspektiven der Technik.



Alle, die sich einen Überblick zum Thema 3D-Druck verschaffen wollen oder Teil der Maker-Szene werden wollen.


Im Fokus ist die Diskussion. Wer selber Hand anlegen will, für den passt evtl. der Kurs "3D-Druck Kickoff" besser.



Aktuelle Termine findest Du im Programm.

Dieses Seminar dauert etwa 2 Stunden